SMG has the rights to the Robotech Role Playing Game

The Role Playing Game

The Macross Saga



Strange Machine games is proud to announce a partnership with Harmony Gold to develop and publish the Robotech Role Playing Game.

SMG plans to publish a core rulebook that has the equipment and story elements of the Macross Saga. Here are key features of the game:

  • SMG has parterned with Bryan Young, who will create the background, scenario and story information.
  • Choose from any standard Career path based on the show, or make a new one.
  • Pilot any Mecha, or command any Starship from the saga.
  • Asymmetrical play: play as an Officer while your allies fight in Valkyries.
  • Choose from a large number of insertion points within 5 distinct Macross Saga based Scenarios.
  • Play with an innovative system designed specifically for Robotech that enables Personal, Mecha and Naval class combat.
  • Skills allow you to create Cinematic Events that help drive the story.
  • Hybrid simulation / narration system.
  • Francisco Etchart has been retained to create the majority of the artwork for the game.

Wave 2 Backers from the failed Palladium RPG Tactics Kickstarter will be given, free, a complete box of Robotech: Ace Pilot board game with a direct purchase of the new RPG.

The game is targets with a page count between 200 and 250 pages. The Robotech RPG has a targeted release date of 2nd Quarter 2019.






9 thoughts on “SMG has the rights to the Robotech Role Playing Game

  1. I was a wave 2 backer and I totally missed out on the fire sale as I was traveling avoiding email at the time. As a kid I loved the original robotech RPG although I never did try the more recent one. Also I love board games! In any case I am very interested in this and hoping that there is some sort of news and information sign up page coming soon.

  2. I am so excited to see someone else take up this series. I’m signing up for the updates however I’d like to know how they will k ow about the wave two backers? I was one, and was saddened when they announced that it would never come to be.

  3. I backed the Palladium KS for Robotech tactics and got wave 1 but not 2, defintely interesed in your company’s Robotech IP products.

  4. I GM’d many hours of the old Palladium Robotech rpg. I’m definitely looking forward to Strange Machine’s new take on a classic. If you need testers for the new game, I would love to be considered.

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