Age Past – Merc Wars



“I thought I could trust them, my fearless company… I saw them bleed.  I saw them cry over their fallen.  I saw their scream of victory on the battlefield.  What I did not see that they took on these burdens, not for the price I paid but for their own egos.  These egos that I could never control… only hope to tame for a time.  I held the crown but for a moment, before my hand was removed from my body, done by those I trusted the most.” – Lord Cartwright, 1812 – The Battle of Tyr

Merc Wars is an intense card game pitting your mercenary company against your enemies.  But beware, every Merc has his price, and that price must be paid.  Targeting your enemy is easy, building a Merc company that can work together is more challenging.  Can you handle the world’s most powerful Mercs?  Or will you decide to only hire the meek?  Conquer your enemies, fight horrible beasts, and win the realm.  Do you have what it takes to create the ultimate the ultimate mercenary company?


Price:  $20.00


  • 1 rulebook
  • 3 Merc Dice
  • 40 Merc Cards
  • 24 Treasure Cards
  • 24 Quest Cards
  • 70 Tokens