SEPIA: Cyber Missions

The year: 2249.

The place: New Chicago.

The Mission: Infiltrate the Keix Collective & Gather Sensitive Information

Registered User: Myrlin – direct neural link enabled

“It seemed like an impossible job.  I called Knoxx for the righteous.  She delivered.  I knew she worked that side of town.  Apparently Lux was between jobs, and one never passes on hiring such a supreme diva.  So, I did.  She didn’t come cheap, but I sweetened the deal with a prototype Hydra rail gun.  Lux doesn’t work with precision… and that was okay… I’ll leave it someone else to scrape the guts off the wall.  I just strolled past the carnage and cracked the safe.  Everyone got their cut.  I would be happy to work with any of these agents again.”

Ratings Lux: 4 of 5 stars – rampage+++, leaves a bit too much blood everywhere (bring extra towels)

Ratings Knoxx: 4 of 5 stars – talented, but is a uncouth (mouthwash please!)

SEPIA takes place in a bleak future held hostage by corporate paradigms.  You run an elite for hire spy agency, and will do anything for the right price.  Perform the toughest jobs to become the premier agency, get rich, then?  Retire in style.

SEPIA is a turn based game where players roll special, Yahtzee Style, to purchase the proper Assets, Contacts, or Gear.  The gathered assets, contacts, or gear allow the player to attack the board and capture missions.  Each mission has a different point value and keyed icons which allow them to be organized in a limiting manner.  Whomever can build the best network of missions wins.  SEPIA has different ways to play to suit a few different play styles including more puzzle intensive, confrontational, or speed optimized.

Game Includes:

  • 13 Resource Cards
  • Cassette Tray
  • 90 Mission Tokens
  • Rule Book
  • 1st Player token