Charm the Role Playing Game was designed to provide an infinite RPG experience.  Charm allows you to play anything, anytime, and anywhere.  All genres at all power levels are available to you.  The rules for charm are meant to drive game playing and not procedure.  Imagine, you can play:

  • Deep Sea Salvage Crew
  • Mean Girl High School
  • Action News Team 5
  • Japanese Vampire Love Story
  • Military Grit: Special Forces
  • Sushi Chef Masters
  • Giant Robot Power Defense Squad
  • Toontown Mysteries

What makes Charm unique?  Anyone can learn the rules in minutes.  You can play anything at any level.  There is no compromise in action, Charm replicates all aspects of all RPG with a very simple rule set.  This is achieved through driving character ability through the archetype that you define.  In additional you also choose character aspects that allow your character to perform dynamic action.  As characters level, the total amount of aspects increases as does the number of times each can be used.

This is all accomplished without strange narrative based mechanics.  Its driven by your creativity.  The aspects directly relate to your character.  A warrior with a Strength aspect is physically strong and therefore can perform special feat related to strength.  He can toss his enemies, lift heavy objects off his allies, and cleave through the thickest armor.  A clever chef, can find ways to foil his rival’s best dishes, make the perfect dinner for his lover, or create something entirely new.  At mean girl high school, the class president who has willpower can stay up all night to study, endure the cruelest humiliation, and rally her class to win the competition.  The only limitations is what you and your GM decide.  Determine where mundane action and dynamic action meet.  Once that’s done you are ready to play and have a blast.

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