charm26_logoThe Charm26 rolling system was created to help increase dynamic decision in simple games that use more simple procedures.  When rolling to pass a skill challenge, the player rolls two dice, a d20 and a d6.  In most instances only the d20’s score is noted.  Typically, in the Charm Role Playing Game, tiers of difficulty increase by 3:

  • Trivial:  No roll needed
  • Easy: 1-3
  • Moderate: 4-6
  • Hard: 7-9
  • Astonishing: 10-12
  • Unbelievable: 13-15
  • Legendary: 16-18+

When a challenge is encountered, the player rolls and checks her result to the value described by the GM.  For every multiple of 5 rolled over the intended target, a cinematic bonus is granted.  The cinematic allows the player to choose some additional benefit that she receives.  She can choose to get an advantage over an enemy, or to help move the story line forward.

The d6 is observed by the player can can be added to the d20 score for a maximum roll of 26.  To add the d6, one action point – called codes in Charm RPG – must be spent, along with a creative description of how the action was used to gain the added benefit.  Typically, a player will wait to add the d6 until it helps her gain a cinematic, or mitigate a bad roll.

While Charm RPG is a simple game, it’s potential is limitless and this simple rolling system helps get players there.