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Age Past Abstract

Age Past: The Incian Sphere is a book of epic proportions. It is 400 pages, 270k words. It includes 70 pages of original and unique tiled art. It is one of the most comprehensive and beautiful solo-INDIE RPG books every published.

This is the Revised Edition Core rulebook for the Age Past RPG system.

As you adventure, you are already known – from the future’s eye – to have impacted the world.  You are in the history books.  Children study your legacy.  What did you do?  Take down the King?  Save a village from a horde of Trolls?  Help a despot rise to power?  The Age Past allows you to advance your goals through simple story driven mechanics.

The Incian Sphere Contains:

  • 140 Powers: Each with a designed cost – more powerful Powers cost more.  There are plenty of social based Powers right along with combat and magic based.
  • 150 Spell:  Setup in 14 schools.  Any character can be a caster or a psionist.
  • 70 Monsters: All ready to go – plus monster build rules.
  • Complete Crafting Section:  Craft anything.
  • Art: There are almost 100 unique art pieces in the book, adding to a whopping 70 pages of art.
  • Dynamic Character Leveling: Experience the true sense of your character growing with levels.

Age Past is a sandbox fantasy RPG that suits characters from primtive to low technology genres.  There are hundreds of options that can be taken multiple times for millions of combinations.  The system helps creates some of the most satisfyingly developed PC from any RPG.  All this integreates with a character drive system that provides motivation to both the player and character.

Anything in the world can be crafted from flying ships to magic armor.  Players have control to create their own beast followers, comrades, and followers.

Your character is special because you made her that way.  The system allows you to leverage your character’s unique aspects and places them front and center.  How your character works and what you can do is unlike any other system.  You may choose to make a character that is great at a few specific tasks or a generalist.  Regardless, the archetype you create is completely unique and will perform the way you designed her.