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Age Past is SMG premiere fantasy role playing game.  It is set in an alternate history timeline to Earth and takes place in the early 1800’s.  Age Past is built on the Elegant10 platform, a system that controls scaling and allows the player to determine how she is rolling.  Age Past provides over 150 powers and 150 spells to choose from.  Most options are available to low level characters and many can be taken as many as four times.  This allows for millions of character possibilities.  No two characters will be the same.  It typical, for even characters of the same type, such as warriors, to be built completely differently.  Age Past also incorporates a dynamic story drive mechanic.  Characters gain dominion points which can be used to move personal quests forward.  However, any move toward resolving a personal quest may throw the world into turmoil.  Overall, no other game provides the level of player agency that Age Past provides.  The setting is unique and filled with political intrigue and danger.

How will your decisions change the world?  Will your drives for glory, desires for revenge, or need for absolution tear down the world?  Will saving the king mean that orphanages burn?  What kind of character do you want to play?

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