DotC & GoRG Prototypes Completed

Both Dice of the Caribbean and Goblins of Rainbow Gulch prototypes have been completed.  We are looking to send review copies out to bloggers.  Let us know if you are interested.  We hope to ship POD copies within 30 days.  If interested please send and email to:  Please include a link to your site. Thanks, Jeff Mechlinski

SMG Acquiring Art for SEPIA

SMG is moving forward with producing SEPIA: Cyber Missions.  Play testing is ongoing, but has been strong enough to warrant moving forward with art assets.  We are excited and hope to have this product available soon.  More to come soon! SEPIA is a strategy, push your luck, dice game that involves acquiring tiles and placing them in patterns.  Play is challenging and rewarding with several take that type mechanics.  It has several game modes to help suit different play styles and game length.

Age Past Kickstarter Successful

The campaign to bring you the Age Past Revised Edition has been successful.  The extant version will move to editing soon, then review, then POD printing.  Once all backers have been given a copy, the book will go on sale at Drive Thru RPG.  I want to thank everyone who supported the campaign.  I am excited fort he new art, and revised changes to the game.  I truly believe that Age Past is one of the most unique granular / simulation style RPG.  It is one of the only games that integrates how players want to play their PC and the core game mechanics. I hope everyone has a chance to give the book a look and see for yourselves the SMG and Age Past difference. Thanks! Jeff

Age Past Revised Core and Companion Kickstarter Launching August 1st

We are proud to announce that SMG is launching a crowdfunding effort for the Revised Incian Sphere core book and a new companion called Sand & Woe.  The new core streamlines and enhances balance of the existing core book.  New role playing features have been added to help integrate PC into the world and expand their role while doing so.  The Sand & Woe companion book spotlights the Southern desert regions of Incia and adds optional rules for pulp gaming, high morality combat, and weapon creation.  It also introduces you to new cultures and has a built in campaign. Check out the preview here: Thanks! Jeff Mechlinski SMG