AD6_Logo [Converted]

AD6 or Advantage6, is the core rolling mechanic for SuperAge.  The AD6 system was developed to accomplish the following:

  • Quickly determine the pool needed to roll and determine the result.
  • Provide a vector for player driven cinematics.
  • Allow for easy modification of pools when PC abilities are mitigated.

AD6 only uses standard 6 sided dice.  When a skill challenge is confronted, the player determines her PC’s relevant pool and rolls the appropriate number of dice.  After rolling the total number of successes rolled determines if the challenge has been passed.  Here is how successes are gained:

  • two 4’s rolled = 1 success
  • one 5 rolled = 1 success
  • one 6 rolled = 2 successes

Example 1:  Sara determines her pool needed to pass a check is 6.  She rolls 6 dice and get the following:  2, 3, 3, 4, 6, and 6.  Her total number of successes is 4.

Example 2:  Sara determines her pool needed to pass a check is 3.  She rolls 3 dice and get the following:  4, 4, and 5.  Her total number of successes is 2.

If Sara needed 2 success to pass her challenge and she got 4 success, this means she succeeds and has an overkill of 2.  Overkill successes can be used to activate cinematics that can alter the world or the story.  This can dramatically help advance a story line when performing investigations, help your super escape, or place an enemy in a precarious situation.

Example:  Sara has an overkill: 2 from her check.  She is fighting her nemesis who is using a strange and magical amulet to control her friends.  She wants to gain control of the amulet from her enemy’s hands, thus helping her friends.  The GM determines that the enemy drops the amulet at his feet instead.  He determines that she needed more overkill to take immediate possession of the amulet.

Ultimately, AD6 make passing checks easy.  In SuperAge, 1 success equates to a task an everyday non-super can perform with skill, and 6 equals a feat that only someone with god-like powers can perform routinely.  If your character is good at a task, she will roll more dice, get more success, and that means more cinematics with heightened results.