Strange Machine Games is proud to announce a new Robotech®

themed board game:

Coming to Pre-Sale Early June 2021

*Final art may change based on licensor’s approval.

Choose a Faction and vie for the future of Earth. Only one Faction will gain complete control and

the stakes could never be higher. If you support your allies with too much vigor or focus too many

resources on your enemy, you will not succeed. You must be clever.

You’ll need to muster all of your might and guile to secure the future of Earth in your own design.

Download the Reconstruction Beta Rulebook

Choose from these Robotech Factions:

  • Robotech Defense Force

  • Zentraedi Rebellion

  • Robotech Expeditionary Force

  • Anti-Unification League

Beautiful Tracking Boards:

  • Protoculture

  • Victory 

  • Resolution

Fight for Control, by Dominating Territories!

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