Ogre Sandwich


Ogre Sandwich, a game about Ogre chefs, making sandwiches.

Ogre Sandwich includes 40 Meeples!!!


The great Ogre feat is today and the Ogre King is about to eat. He only likes the most choice ingredients: the ripest tomatoes, the most crispy lettuce, the jumpiest frogs, and of course squirrels with the longest tails. You must make the King an absolute decadent sandwich, but you have competition. Other Ogre Chefs will try to out build you. Build the best sandwich and the King is sure to make you his personal Royal Chef! Can you do it? Get stacking to find out who is the best Ogre Chef.

What Players Do: Roll two dice, the first dice is a mandatory action that involves taking an ingredient of the indicated type from the supply and putting it on your sandwich. The second dice roll is an optional bonus action that will let you grab additional ingredients, place additional ingredients, steal ingredients or force another chef to remove an ingredient from their sandwich.
Little Chefs: For little ones, we have simples rules only using 1 die. Roll and place the ingredient.
Game Rules: The placement of the ingredients has a few rules:
  • One hand! You can only use 1 hand to place an ingredient.
  • Stacking: All Critters must be stacked with their flat side down
  • Toppings that are flat against each other are not scored! Be sure to place toppings on critters if you want to win!
  • Anything that hits the table is OUT! Stack carefully.
  • When placing an ingredient, anything that gets knocked over or falls off is OUT!
  • Highest Sandwich gets bonus points!