Goblins of Rainbow Gulch


“Nowz ore timz.  We’z sneek in, while thez sleeps so sound, we club ’em reel goodz.  Iz the best plan.  Gron, you get ’em their shiny.  Kon, you get erz pointy.  And I will grabz the tastey.  After we getz bak, dem gobos make mez king!”


The Lord Emperor High Goblin King Bombash the Cruel and Terrible 11,097th king of the Goblins of Rainbow Gulch is dead, who will take his place?

You are currently one of six Den Chiefs who could be named as the next King. Gather resources as you travel from den to den to sway your Goblin kin to your side. Sway goblins of the same profession to solidify your position. Or diversify among the different dens and professions in an attempt to get the majority of Goblins to cast their vote for you come the next full moon, a fortnight from now. Don’t forget Goblins who have been swayed to your side can aide you on your election campaign, when they are awake at least that is.


In this true Euro-style board game, take actions and get the votes to become the goblin king.  Outsmart your opponents, and win over the goblin people to get the crown and call yourself the goblin king.  It will take all your wit and a bit of luck.  Control the resources, block your opponents, and craft the ultimate strategy.  The game is made complete with the unique board with a light-hearted goblin nature.

  • Designers:  Daniel Jenkins & Chris Urinko
  • Players:  2-6
  • Ages:  13+
  • Time:  20 minutes per player

Each turn take 2 actions. Use them to mine or trade for resources. Use the resources to bribe goblin workers. Goblin workers are lazy, so they only work one day a week, so you have to keep them fed if you want them to work more. Once, week end is up, your goblin followers wake up are get back to work. You can also use special goblins to wake other goblins up. If you are lucky, you can raid the adventurer’s camp, but someone always seems to get left behind. No worries, he died for a good cause – to make you King!



8x Map Hexes

1x Eight-Sided Dice – D8

6x Goblin Leader Meeples – 4 per Color

54x Goblin Villager Meeples – 9 per Color

12x Peacock Tokens

24x Tasty Resource Tokens

24x Shiny Resource Tokens

24x Pointy Resource Tokens

1x Phase Tracker Token

1x First Player Rock

3x Banner Tokens

1x First Player Token

1x Rock (yes literally a rock)