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1/7/20 – Valiant Wars Kickstarter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 7, 2020 – Strange Machine Games is excited to bring their latest title, Valiant Wars, to Kickstarter! 

Rebellion rages; mercenaries and tyrants have overrun the lands of Valiance! As one of the few Lords of remaining after the collapse, it is your duty to re-establish order. In this aggressive, press-your-luck deck-builder, you’ll fight to capture the most land of the once-great kingdom. Bring the most powerful army to the battlefield, build your riches and hire the best Champions to defend your cause!

Your rivals will resort to trickery and sabotage in their attempts to bring down your forces. Be warned! As you assemble larger armies and conquer more territory, you’ll be haunted by dark visions of a world in ruins; should too many of these Dark Omens visit upon you, withdrawal becomes necessary! Step up and claim the Valiant throne!

Valiant Wars is a deck-building card game for 2 – 5 players ages 12 and up. It takes about 30 minutes to play.

“The game is fun. If you want a game like Mystic Vale, but you want it to be quicker, a little more aggressive and lighter…then this is the game for you” – Michael Wright, Unfiltered Game

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Valiant Wars will be coming to Kickstarter April 28, 2020!

About Quinn Washburn, Designer

Quinn’s game designs begin with a goal of getting players right into the action. He aims to make his games immersive, action-packed, highly-replayable, and tons of fun! Quinn draws a lot of inspiration from video games.

About Strange Machine Games

Founded in 2011 as a small Role Playing Game, POD publisher. SMG aims to make the most dynamic and interesting Board Game & RPG products on the market, even if it means using strange machines to get there. In every SMG product, we aim to provide play experiences that provide a unique experience.  SMG products are designed, not just created. Cogent consideration goes into every design decision to help craft a great experience in every aspect of the game, from the layouts, player interaction, to the content. We truly endeavor to bring you products that speak to your soul. We hope to win over the hearts of those who give SMG products a try.

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7/27/18 – Robotech RPG

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July 27, 2018 – Strange Machine games is proud to announce a partnership with Harmony Gold to develop and publish the Robotech Role Playing Game.

SMG plans to publish a core rulebook that has the equipment and story elements of the Macross Saga. Here are key features of the game:

  • SMG has parterned with Bryan Young, who will create the background, scenario and story information.
  • Choose from any standard Career path based on the show, or make a new one.
  • Pilot any Mecha, or command any Starship from the saga.
  • Asymmetrical play: play as an Officer while your allies fight in Valkyries.
  • Choose from a large number of insertion points within 5 distinct Macross Saga based Scenarios.
  • Play with an innovative system designed specifically for Robotech that enables Personal, Mecha and Naval class combat.
  • Skills allow you to create Cinematic Events that help drive the story.
  • Hybrid simulation / narration system.
  • Francisco Etchart has been retained to create the majority of the artwork for the game.

Wave 2 Backers from the failed Palladium RPG Tactics Kickstarter will be given, free, a complete box of Robotech: Ace Pilot board game with a direct purchase of the new RPG.

The game is targets with a page count between 200 and 250 pages. The Robotech RPG has a targeted release date of 4th Quarter 2019.