The Incian Sphere



Age Past: The Incian Sphere is the revised core rule book for the Age Past universe.

The Incian Sphere is a place of dashing heroes, rampaging monsters, and devious politicians.  It is set in the year 1813, in an alternate time line to our own.  Technology is rising despite strict law prohibiting it’s importation or development.  Invading hordes amass and wait for the time to strike.  Great kings struggle to maintain order.  The great Republics are safe, for now.  Will your actions change the course of history?


As you adventure, you are already known – from the future’s eye – to have impacted the world.  You are in the history books.  Children study your legacy.  What did you do?  Take down the King?  Save a village from a horde of Trolls?  Helped a despot rise to power?  The Age Past allows you to advance your goals through simple story driven mechanics.

Age Past is a sandbox fantasy RPG that suits characters from primtive to low technology genres.  There are hundereds of options that can be taken multiple times for millions of combinations.  The system helps creates some of the most satisfyingly developed PC from any RPG.  All this integreates with a character drive system that provides motivation to both the player and character. 

Anything in the world can be crafted from flying ships to magic armor.  Players have control to create their own beast followers, comrades, and followers.

Your character is special because you made her that way.  The system allows you to leverage your character’s unique aspects and places them front and center.  How your character works and what you can do is unlike any other system.  You may choose to make a character that is great at a few specific tasks or a generalist.  Regardless, the archetype you create is completely unique and will perform the way you designed her.


The 400 page Incian Sphere Hardback offers the following features:

  • Massive PC customization sporting millions of combinations of Archetypes.
  • Create any Archetype from primitive to Victorian genres.
  • Unprecedented PC balance.
  • Dynamic Core rolling system that allows the player to tailor her results.
  • PC Design system that allows players to make goals for their PC and drive them forward.
  • Winds of Incia that change the political landscape based on how PC realize their Designs.
  • A skill system that encourages innovation, creativity, and success.
  • A complete crafting system; rules to craft anything in the game and more.
  • GM section with hints, tools, initiative cards, and a GM screen.
  • Tons of optional rules.  Play with what you want.
  • Gain a personal experience.  Tailor your character to gain the game experience you want.
  • Over 70 pre-made monsters and a complete monster section.
  • A streamlined modification system that makes playing and running easier.
  • Amazing Art and a terrific layout.
  • Game design was driven through using design principles.

You will find that The Incian Sphere offers more for less.  Everything in the book is tailored toward creating unique experiences.  The setting is familiar enough to start playing quickly, with plenty of concepts that feel novel.  Age Past suits new and veteran players alike, since the game has been designed to allow each player to customize her level of system difficulty.

The best advice when playing Age Past?  Go all out.