Robotech® Board Games

SMG has partnered with Harmony Gold and is proud to offer the exciting universe of Robotech® to board game players!  We offer two great games:


Robotech® – Attack on the SDF-1:  Play as the venerable SDF-1’s crew in this exciting and action packed full cooperative game.  Launch and pilot Veritech fighters, control Destroids, engage Zentraedi Pods, control the SDF-1, and fire the power reflex cannon!  It is up to you.  Can you protect the SDF-1 and Macross City from destruction?  Can you make it back home to Earth?

Players: 1-5 Full Cooperative

Time: 120 minutes per Scenario

Ages: 12+


Robotech® – Ace Pilot:  The Zentraedi are attacking!  Quick, grab the nearest crew member and destroy the enemy.  Using luck and skill you can become the SDF-1’s Ace Pilot.  Ace Pilot is a small area, fast playing, competitive dice-based game.  The game takes minutes to learn and can be played almost anywhere.  Your favorite Robotech® heroes help you destroy the Zentraedi Threat.

 Players: 2-4

Time: 25 minutes

Ages: 8+

Go to the Robotech® Board Games main web page for more details on either of these games.

Strange Machine Games is the first to offer board games based on the Robotech® Universe.


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