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Robotech: The Macross Saga Roleplaying Game Pre-Order is Live

Strange Machine Games                    FOR RELEASE WEDNESDAY 9/18 Press contact:                                    6:30AMPT/9:30AMET Bryan Young 801-580-3114 Digital review copies of the game as well, interviews with the authors, and exclusive page reveal opportunities are available upon request. ROBOTECH: THE MACROSS SAGA ROLEPLAYING GAME NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER Towson, MD -- Strange Machine Games is proud to announce that preorders have opened for the brand new, officially licensed Robotech: The Macross Saga Roleplaying Game. Written by Jeff Mechlinski and Bryan Young, the book is an all-new game that builds on almost forty years of the Robotech legend. Pre-sales are available for the standard version of the book as well as two exclusives, one with an alternate art cover and the other in a leather-bound format.  Robotech is a classic science-fiction anime epic that tells the tale of humans defending their homeworld against alien invasion. The story centers around the humans who come together to fight against the war-like Zentraedi in transformable jet fighters known as Veritechs. Robotech first came to the United States from Japan in 1985 as a result of the partnership between Harmony Gold USA and the Tatsunoko…

SMG has the rights to the Robotech Role Playing Game

The Role Playing Game The Macross Saga     Strange Machine games is proud to announce a partnership with Harmony Gold to develop and publish the Robotech Role Playing Game. SMG plans to publish a core rulebook that has the equipment and story elements of the Macross Saga. Here are key features of the game: SMG has parterned with Bryan Young, who will create the background, scenario and story information. Choose from any standard Career path based on the show, or make a new one. Pilot any Mecha, or command any Starship from the saga. Asymmetrical play: play as an Officer while your allies fight in Valkyries. Choose from a large number of insertion points within 5 distinct Macross Saga based Scenarios. Play with an innovative system designed specifically for Robotech that enables Personal, Mecha and Naval class combat. Skills allow you to create Cinematic Events that help drive the story. Hybrid simulation / narration system. Francisco Etchart has been retained to create the majority of the artwork for the game. Wave 2 Backers from the failed Palladium RPG Tactics Kickstarter will be given, free, a complete box of Robotech: Ace Pilot board game with a direct purchase of the…

SuperAge Available through Pledge Manager

SMG has partnered with Pledge Manager to extend the funding campaign for the SuperAge Tabletop RPG. For those who missed out on pre-purchase of copies, please head here to support the SuperAge RPG! Click HERE to get your copy! Build any Super at any power level Create dynamic situations through a Cinematic system Form the ultimate super team with your friends Duplicate comic-esque action Thanks for your support, Jeff    

The SuperAge RPG Lauches 5/9 on Kickstarter

The new SuperAge tabletop RPG by Strange Machine Games is launching on Kickstarter May 9th at noon. SuperAge strives to to create a new game play experience though massive character generation options, player driven cinematic choices and dynamic character interactions. See a preview of the campaign here and download character sheets, read a Q/A about the game, watch a short playthrough video, and learn to make a character: SuperAge Kickstarter Preview SuperAge is filled with amazing art hand drawn in the iconic comic style and features a dynamic Art Deco layout. Create your perfect Super in the new Golden Age of man, set in the near future. Use your abilities to investigate cults, dark financial dealings and alien threats. Travel to parallel worlds, colonized caverns deep inside the Earth and to bustling cities filled with super-powered people. You may choose to save the world or be the cause of it all collapsing. SuperAge is designed to replicate the comic-style action we've all seen in the movies, TV and in books. Find a way to beat your nemesis that knows your weaknesses and exploit enemy weaknesses on the fly. SuperAge brings playing superheroes to tabletop like nothing else.  

DotC & GoRG Prototypes Completed

Both Dice of the Caribbean and Goblins of Rainbow Gulch prototypes have been completed.  We are looking to send review copies out to bloggers.  Let us know if you are interested.  We hope to ship POD copies within 30 days.  If interested please send and email to:  Please include a link to your site. Thanks, Jeff Mechlinski

SMG Acquiring Art for SEPIA

SMG is moving forward with producing SEPIA: Cyber Missions.  Play testing is ongoing, but has been strong enough to warrant moving forward with art assets.  We are excited and hope to have this product available soon.  More to come soon! SEPIA is a strategy, push your luck, dice game that involves acquiring tiles and placing them in patterns.  Play is challenging and rewarding with several take that type mechanics.  It has several game modes to help suit different play styles and game length.

Age Past Kickstarter Successful

The campaign to bring you the Age Past Revised Edition has been successful.  The extant version will move to editing soon, then review, then POD printing.  Once all backers have been given a copy, the book will go on sale at Drive Thru RPG.  I want to thank everyone who supported the campaign.  I am excited fort he new art, and revised changes to the game.  I truly believe that Age Past is one of the most unique granular / simulation style RPG.  It is one of the only games that integrates how players want to play their PC and the core game mechanics. I hope everyone has a chance to give the book a look and see for yourselves the SMG and Age Past difference. Thanks! Jeff

Age Past Revised Core and Companion Kickstarter Launching August 1st

We are proud to announce that SMG is launching a crowdfunding effort for the Revised Incian Sphere core book and a new companion called Sand & Woe.  The new core streamlines and enhances balance of the existing core book.  New role playing features have been added to help integrate PC into the world and expand their role while doing so.  The Sand & Woe companion book spotlights the Southern desert regions of Incia and adds optional rules for pulp gaming, high morality combat, and weapon creation.  It also introduces you to new cultures and has a built in campaign. Check out the preview here: Thanks! Jeff Mechlinski SMG