Castle Clash

The Seraphim Empire’s heart is Castle Dawn. It proudly stands in the center of the capital city. Made of glittering white limestone, the castle appears to sparkle throughout the day. The Empress Malandra resides here along with her daughter, the crowned Princess Lilac Everdawn. They are ever vigilant against the threat of foreign invaders.


Castle Clash

In the heart of the Seraphim’s grand capital, the Dawn Castle has over thirty towers and spires, all can be seen for mile around. But none is more famous and iconic than the Dusk Tower. Every evening, as the sun sets across the horizon, the shadow of the Dusk Tower extends further and further across the horizon. Now the sun sets, its shadow is cast to the doorstep of the city’s patron goddess, Celestia.

4 Fighter Stand-alone expansion games each come with 2 stages. One stage is standard and the other has traps, spikes, or lots of pitfalls.