Valiant Wars – Live Play

Valiant Wars on Discord If you backed the game and are excited to learn how to play, jump in! If you are thinking of backing the game and are interested in seeing how it works, please stop by! A TTS Simulator link will be provided when the event goes live from Discord. We have 2 […]


Robotech RPG: A Life Worth Living

Life aboard the Sdf-1 can be hard at times, random attacks, the ship itself still relatively unknown, and people thrown into a situation many would never dream could have happened. Life always finds a way though through the smallest moments and most inconspicuous ways life happens. That life is worth living. Robotech on Discord

Robotech RPG: The Lost Island

"It has been 3 weeks since the SDF-1 Macross and its island namesake disappeared in a mysterious accident. since that happened, entire crews of naval vessels have scoured the oceans searching for any sign of survivors or remains of either Macross island or the ship itself. scouring the nearby islands, the members of the UEDF […]

Robotech RPG: Wolf Pack

"In the years after the great conflict with the Zentraedi ended, the world was left shattered and divided. its survivors hanging upon threads as they desperately try to rebuild in a world now overrun by the remains of the roaming Zentraedi warbands that now stalk the landscapes. Where a new but unsteady peace lingers in the wake of the conflict, the special forces of the Wolf Pack are assembled. their mission is to respond to situations around the world on behalf of the newly reformed United Earth Government. their mission statement simple. keep the peace. ensure the safety of earth citizens. put down the rebels. join this special forces unit and embark on new missions across the earth and beyond as the Zentraedi Uprising begins."


Age Past RPG: The Zrolli Expedition – Game 2

The Zrolli Expedition on Discord

Explore the exotic tropical islands of the Zrolli archipelago. These islands are teemed with beautiful flora, strange animals, crystal clear waters, and inexplicable death. Your job is to explore these islands and help setup a permanent settlement. Beware, the islands will fight you at every turn in an effort to stay pure. When exploring you may run into strange ruins from a bygone era, filled with advanced technology or ancient magic.


Charm RPG: Santa’s Little Helpers

"The fat man was to lazy to get up the one day he works the year sigh that means its up to you to get the presents out dont worry you wont need to do every house just one the other elves are getring the other house but remember they cant catch you and if they do they cant get evidence of you! Load up brave elf and roll out!"


Robotech RPG: A Robotech Christmas

"Santa has his site set for holiday fun. The Zentraedi have the Humans on the run! With the SDF-1 aglow with lights for the Christmas season, there are those who seek to ruin the festivities for no reason. Can you root them out before the whole holidays kaput? Will the crew be able to keep the season free of ash and soot!"