Valiant Wars – Live Play

Valiant Wars on Discord If you backed the game and are excited to learn how to play, jump in! If you are thinking of backing the game and are interested in seeing how it works, please stop by! A TTS Simulator link will be provided when the event goes live from Discord. We have 2 […]


Robotech RPG: A Life Worth Living

Life aboard the Sdf-1 can be hard at times, random attacks, the ship itself still relatively unknown, and people thrown into a situation many would never dream could have happened. Life always finds a way though through the smallest moments and most inconspicuous ways life happens. That life is worth living. Robotech on Discord

Robotech RPG: The Lost Island

"It has been 3 weeks since the SDF-1 Macross and its island namesake disappeared in a mysterious accident. since that happened, entire crews of naval vessels have scoured the oceans searching for any sign of survivors or remains of either Macross island or the ship itself. scouring the nearby islands, the members of the UEDF […]